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HEIRLOOM SEED vs. HYBRID vs. GMO'S : What's the Difference?

An heirloom vegetable is always open pollinated and has been cultivated and bred using classic breeding practices. Growers can collect the seed for replanting the following year.

Hybrid varieties are produced by the cross pollination of two closely related parent plants. The advantage of hybrids is to combine the characteristics of the two plants, such as improved resistance to disease, or a higher yield. Although hybridization is a natural process, the disadvantage to hybrids is that the hybrid plant does not produce viable seed that will grow a plant identical to the parent. Growers need to purchase new seed each planting season.

GMOs are seeds that have been genetically modified by scientists in a lab. The DNA gene sequence of other unrelated plants or even animals is blasted into the DNA strand of the original vegetable. The use of antibiotic resistant "marker" genes help the original plant accept the modification.

At the Virtual Farm Seed Co., we believe in preserving the integrity of the many varieties of heirloom seeds for future generations to enjoy.

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